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Category: Edition 81

  • Alien Land Laws

    Alien Land Laws

    When someone thinks of America, the idea many want to first pop in everyones’ heads is freedom or a new start. However, a new law around the country is pushing this idea further away: SB 264.  What Is It? Many are calling the recent law a direct relation to the alien land laws, and the…

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  • Coup D’états in Africa

    Coup D’états in Africa

    Gabon On 26th August, 2023, the parliamentary and presidential elections were held in Gabon. The results were announced on August 30th, 2023, and Ali Bongo Ondimba was announced as the winner, meaning he would have extended his 14-year presidential rule. Shortly after the announcement, soldiers led by high-ranking military officers seized control of key government…

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  • Growing Human Kidneys in Pigs

    Growing Human Kidneys in Pigs

    For the first time, researchers have been able to grow a human organ inside another species. Using a new technique, scientists implanted human cells into pig embryos. Specifically, they used genetic engineering to remove the kidney gene from inside these pig embryos. Then, they used human stem cells, pluripotent stem cells (which can develop in…

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  • Dear Corona

    Dear Corona

    A cricket bat, frolic friends and a playground to play in, (Not regretting) A hectic life after ages has blown in, Abeyant and lonely had we seldom been, Fervently awaited that busy life after quarantine. Bags, pencil boxes, shoes and our uniform, Finally, chatting and rushing to school in a swarm, Relishing on Mum’s chicken…

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  • Rare Spotless Giraffe

    Rare Spotless Giraffe

    Whenever someone imagines a giraffe there picture the iconic long neck and chocolate-colored spots on a creamy white coat. However, in a wildlife park called Brights Zoo, a giraffe was born with a solid chocolate-colored coat, and may be the only such giraffe in existence right now. The Brights Zoo, a family owned facility in…

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  • Vivek Ramaswamy: A GOP Saint or Annihilator

    Vivek Ramaswamy: A GOP Saint or Annihilator

    Chances are, if you have been keeping up with the 2024 Republican candidacy race, you have probably heard of Vivek Ramaswamy. A newcomer to the party, Ramaswamy in many ways mirrors other candidates in his attributes, and yet has many that set him apart from those who came before him. His confidence, communication skills, and…

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  • African Climate Summit

    African Climate Summit

    The long awaited African Climate Summit was held in Nairobi at the KICC (Kenyatta International Convention Centre) from the 4th of September to the 6th of September to discuss matters regarding climate change and the way forward for the African continent. The Secretary of Environment, Soipan Tuya, stated that world leaders were being awaited in…

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