Thinker's Chronicle

Give Breath, Give Hope

To celebrate Thinker’s Chronicle’s first year anniversary, we wanted to do something special by helping those in need during the pandemic. Most people are fortunate to not have to worry about basic needs like oxygen–vital for survival. However, the pandemic has caused a severe oxygen shortage in India, and as such, we want to help raise money to buy oxygen concentrators to alleviate some of the stress. 

100% of proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly to for the purchase of oxygen concentrators. We appreciate everyone who is making a purchase and is taking a step toward ending this pandemic. Thank you!

Part 1

Led by Advika Rajeev and Arshia Manoj

Part 2

Led by Niharika Rajeev and Sanya Pillai

We raised a total of


to donate towards oxygen concentrators for India