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  • Historic Moon Missions

    Historic Moon Missions

    Paul Brandt demanded “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the Moon,” and NASA responded with another gravity defying achievement. In the wee hours of Wednesday the 16th, Artemis 1 took off from Florida on its historic trip to the moon. This momentous trip is possible after nearly half a decade of preparations, but that is not to say that the ship took off with no problems. Artemis 1 encountered many issues: leak issues with the tanks, technical issues with the mega moon rocket, and even two hurricanes.  Last Minute Repairs The red crew, a team

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  • Nancy Pelosi Steps Down as Speaker of the House

    Nancy Pelosi Steps Down as Speaker of the House

    As an icon, a political figure, and a leader, Nancy Pelosi has single-handedly broken history’s repetitive streak. In 2007, she said “for our daughters and our granddaughters: today we have broken the marble ceiling” as she became the first female Speaker in the House of Representatives. Now she has announced that she will be stepping down from that position while still representing California’s twelfth district. The Leader of Her Times Pelosi’s twenty years as Speaker of the House had many crucial decisions that have changed the lives of many. During Pelosi’s years as House Speaker, she worked with four presidents:

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  • Why are Perfumes so Expensive?

    Why are Perfumes so Expensive?

    An ornate perfume is set on the shelf of my nearby Sephora. Curious, I take a small sample paper they offer and spritz it a few times. As I hold it up to my nose, a gorgeous blend of orange blossom, lavender, and musk whisk me away to a dream: a grove in a fragrant garden. Happily, I smell other perfumes. Then, my dreams fade away as I come back to the Sephora where my feet are placed, and realize that my family can’t afford these perfumes. Not because we are poor, but because designer brands sometimes set prices for

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Our aim is to unveil new perspectives to a global audience. With plenty of news outlets already offering platforms for the earlier generation to speak, the Thinker’s Chronicle is meant for generation Z to be heard. Students are already changing the world one step at a time. Why not bring our viewpoints about the events that matter the most to us?

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