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  • Rahul Gandhi Expelled from India’s Parliament

    Rahul Gandhi Expelled from India’s Parliament

    Rahul Gandhi, the alleged prince of Indian politics, has only been precariously holding onto his throne as he lost to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a landslide. Adding onto these misfortunes is the fact that the now Prime Minister Modi has filed a case against Gandhi for criminal defamation. The case facing Rahul Gandhi has been widely and publicly contested. Some call Prime Minister Modi out for targeting critics and trying to have them silenced. This defamation case is based on a remark Rahul Gandhi made in his 2019 campaigning when he “referred to the surname Modi and asked how

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  • My Africa, My Future – Poetry

    My Africa, My Future – Poetry

    It is we, children of Africa crying for our future Longing for the education, we need to grow Grow into the young men and women we Strive to be; but we see Day by day our leaders The ones who are meant to protect us The ones who are meant to lead us into a better future Drag us behind By their corrupt ways Charging fees after embezzling resources they feel they are entitled to They say, soon! But how soon is soon How soon will it actually change? The poverty, the standards of living of a certain people When

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  • France & Other Countries Banning TikTok

    France & Other Countries Banning TikTok

    “Tiktok”- when one hears the word, what do they think of? In the past where it was merely known as an onomatopoeia related to time or a song by Kesha, it is now renowned as an app used by over 4 billion people. It has brought about the stardom of celebrities like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, and has massively contributed to much of the culture and lexicon of the 2020s. Spying through Social Media? However, the app’s proliferation has also brought about much controversy, like influencing people to commit dangerous acts for likes, spreading misinformation, and content censorship, among

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  • Beware: Giant Blob of Seaweed?

    Beware: Giant Blob of Seaweed?

    There is a giant blob of seaweed near Florida that can be seen from space.  Not a sentence you expect to hear as a major environmental situation affecting the planet, yet as climate change and humanity’s impacts on the sea increases, we will begin to see events like this become more frequent.  Sargassum blooms This enormous clump of seaweed is made from sargassum, a genus of brown algae containing more than 300 species. Stated to be twice the width of the United States, this sargassum bloom is clearly unlike those of the past. Sargassum season is generally March through October,

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  • Alzheimer’s Signs in the Eyes

    Alzheimer’s Signs in the Eyes

    Currently, the only way to confirm an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is by examining brain tissues after death. Even though there are multiple assessments to rule out other dementia or other illnesses, such as brain imaging, blood tests, neurological exams, cognitive tests ( thinking, memorizing, speaking, etc.), and physical check-ups, none of these actually confirm that someone may have Alzheimer’s.  Over 6 million Americans of all ages are currently living with Alzheimer’s. This disease is more than just dementia, because even though memory loss and cognitive impairment are innate to the disease, dementia is only one symptom of Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is unique

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