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  • Netflix’s Baby Reindeer: A Profound Look Into the Effects of Stalking & Abuse

    Netflix’s Baby Reindeer: A Profound Look Into the Effects of Stalking & Abuse

    If someone told you that a comedian produced and starred in a show called Baby Reindeer, what would your reaction be? Due to its inconspicuous title and background, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that it was a show akin to perhaps Seinfeld, poking fun at the absurdities of daily life activities. In reality, the…

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  • US-China Chip War

    US-China Chip War

    The world keeps moving more and more to technology, causing more and more divide. Right now, there is a conflict between the United States and China over semiconductor technology that clearly shows the struggle for global technological dominance. Technology is not just useful in our everyday lives, but it also impacts economic power and national…

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  • Hong Kong’s Tourism Troubles

    Hong Kong’s Tourism Troubles

    For many global powers, tourism is a force to be reckoned with. Bringing together loads of different nationalities into a country, it facilitates the spread of culture and the permanence of a state’s influence in the global economy. This is why Hello Kitty, originating in Japan, is universally recognized and loved, and how your grandmother…

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  • Gen Z’s Uprising Against The Finance Bill 2024

    Gen Z’s Uprising Against The Finance Bill 2024

    In the vibrant era of modern activism, social media serves as a transformative force, empowering individuals and communities to amplify their voices and mobilize for causes that resonate deeply.  In the recent weeks of June, nowhere has this power been more palpable than in Kenya, where the Finance Bill 2024 which had sparked a groundswell…

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  • South Africa’s New Government

    South Africa’s New Government

    The African National Congress (ANC), has been the ruling party for the past 30 years after the country was liberated from apartheid with their first president being Nelson Mandela.  At the end of May, about 27 million South Africans exercised their civil rights and cast their votes to form a new government. This time round,…

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  • Billionaire Dives to see the Titanic

    Billionaire Dives to see the Titanic

    Larry Connor, a seventy-four-year-old American real estate and technology businessman based in Ohio and a private astronaut certified by NASA, has expressed his interest in diving down to see and explore the Titanic shipwreck. This news comes almost a year after the tragic accident that made waves in the media: the sad death of five…

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Our aim is to unveil new perspectives to a global audience. With plenty of news outlets already offering platforms for the earlier generation to speak, the Thinker’s Chronicle is meant for generation Z to be heard. Students are already changing the world one step at a time. Why not bring our viewpoints about the events that matter the most to us?

Through our coverage, we seek to encourage young readers to take an interest in current national and international issues. We strive to create an unbiased and safe environment for youths to gain information, improve scientific literacy, and be aware of current events. 







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“With its creative blend of articles, reviews, poetry and art, the Thinker’s Chronicle offers a fresh and unique perspective on the issues facing the world today. As a teacher, I firmly believe students benefit from reading the Thinker’s Chronicle, gaining insight about relevant real world issues and understanding the human condition through the art and poetry that expresses student’s unique creativity.”

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