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Dear Corona

A cricket bat, frolic friends and a playground to play in,

(Not regretting) A hectic life after ages has blown in,

Abeyant and lonely had we seldom been,

Fervently awaited that busy life after quarantine.

Bags, pencil boxes, shoes and our uniform,

Finally, chatting and rushing to school in a swarm,

Relishing on Mum’s chicken lollipop that makes us drool,

Merrily resuming our neighbourhood clubs in the vestibule.

No matter what, our lives will surely change us in some or the other way,

Essentially, not hugging friends but saying a


Washing hands and not touching the face, nose and eyes,

Dear Corona, you taught us a lot,

As we bid adieu to the blessing in disguise.

Rijak Kaur Sarla 

Photo Credits: Fox News
Photo Credits: The New York Times
Photo Credits: CTV News