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  • Second Sight Medical

    Second Sight Medical

    Second Sight Medical was a biotechnology company focused on building prosthetics. They specialize in creating artificial prosthetics to treat degenerative vision diseases, and their Argus II retinal prosthesis has been implemented in over 350 real human subjects. However, as the company started losing profit and became vulnerable to bankruptcy, they began to eliminate these implants.…

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  • Qatar 2022: An Unpredictable But Riveting World Cup

    Qatar 2022: An Unpredictable But Riveting World Cup

    As a goal is made, the team players all rush to one side of the stadium, hugging each other jubilantly. Fans roar into a loud cheer that echoes throughout the entire city of Doha, as moderators excitedly shout “Goal!” The World Cup is a large sporting event that takes place every 4 years on an…

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  • Alzheimer’s Drug Lecanemab

    Alzheimer’s Drug Lecanemab

    Imagine having your personality change drastically and not being able to recognize why you’re so different. You look the same, and you talk to the same people, but for some reason, you feel unusual. Something about the way you think and feel is becoming unsettling and irritating. You seem to realize that nearly everything you…

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  • Indonesia Passes Restrictive Criminal Code

    Indonesia Passes Restrictive Criminal Code

    As part of a series of reforms that opponents claim endanger the human rights and freedoms of the Southeast Asian nation, Indonesia’s legislature unanimously approved a comprehensive criminal code on Tuesday that criminalizes sex outside of marriage. Cohabitation before marriage and apostasy are prohibited under the new law, which applies to international residents and visitors.…

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  • The Mountain Lion of Legend: P-22

    The Mountain Lion of Legend: P-22

    P-22, the celebrity mountain lion of Los Angeles, was recently euthanized after discovering he was suffering from several diseases. Certain unusual behaviors had alerted professionals to these illnesses and he was soon captured and put to sleep. An unusual origin The large cat had gone through many trials beginning with getting into LA. Even from…

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  • The Return of the Rosetta Stone

    The Return of the Rosetta Stone

    Conflicts between the public and museums across America and Europe have only grown as people demand that cultural artifacts that were “stolen” are returned to them. Communities have stated that Western museums are “disrespecting” their traditional cultures by holding them, rather than returning them to their true owners. However, these conflicts have finally centered upon…

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  • Iranian National Soccer Team Protests National Anthem

    Iranian National Soccer Team Protests National Anthem

    In an unprecedented protest against the Iranian regime, the Iranian players refused to sign the national anthem before their opening match against England.  echo of the dissent from back home, these players voiced their support for the revolts with their silence.  Immediately after this insult, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps met with the opposing players to…

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  • Mauna Loa Eruption

    Mauna Loa Eruption

    Imagine a treasure trove of knowledge finally being discovered but coming with certain unpredictable dangers. This is what scientists around the world currently feel as the oldest active volcano in the world, Mauna Loa, starts to erupt. Monday, December 2nd was a reminder to everyone that humanity has not figured out all of nature’s secrets.…

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  • Hearing Loss in Young Adults

    Hearing Loss in Young Adults

    Modern teenage culture revolves around music, socialization, technology, and partying. With new types of headphones for new songs, and new clubs displaying their own loud music, more and more young people aren’t paying attention to the long-lasting damage of their conventions. Over 1.35 Billion young adults and teenagers are at a risk for irreversible hearing…

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  • The Rise in Fungal Lung Infections: A Trend Across America 

    The Rise in Fungal Lung Infections: A Trend Across America 

    Fungal infections have been on the rise in America for decades. Typically, ideal conditions are required for fungi to thrive and infect specific areas of the body. However, such diseases have been spreading from their native regions, “taking clinicians and patients by surprise,” says UC Davis School of Medicine professor, Dr. George Thomas. While the…

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  • Fate’s Play –– Poetry

    Fate’s Play –– Poetry

    Fate’s Play ‘O cruel fate you lie with such versed ease You pierce my heart yet proclaim yourself innocent Tying my feet you open the cage as if to tease You dare me dream a dream of a sky so magnificent Yet plunge me back into the fog of responsibilities You ask me stone or…

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  • Quarantine Protests in China

    Quarantine Protests in China

    3 years ago, Covid-19 rampaged into our lives, leaving a calamity rivaling no other in its wake. Thus, it’s not hard to understand why a regime would put up precautions––but when does caution become captivity? China once again hopes to enforce the Zero-COVID Policy, but the reestablishment of the severe restrictions is not supported by…

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  • Space Based Solar Energy

    Space Based Solar Energy

    Since 2021, our world has been facing a global energy crisis. We can see its effects from the increasing prices and bills since we need energy to power factories, homes, etc. The causes? Climate change, energy wastage, the Ukraine war, quarantine… This list goes on. But more importantly, how do we fix it? The solution…

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  • Why are Perfumes so Expensive?

    Why are Perfumes so Expensive?

    An ornate perfume is set on the shelf of my nearby Sephora. Curious, I take a small sample paper they offer and spritz it a few times. As I hold it up to my nose, a gorgeous blend of orange blossom, lavender, and musk whisk me away to a dream: a grove in a fragrant…

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo’s Future After Manchester United

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s Future After Manchester United

    After an explosive interview with TalkTV’s Piers Morgan, Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has been under fire for the comments he made during the press event. Since his return to Manchester United, Ronaldo has not had the same share of success he had in his first stint with Manchester United. In the spitting interview, Ronaldo…

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  • Goodbye Happy Feet? Emperor Penguins at Risk of Extinction

    Goodbye Happy Feet? Emperor Penguins at Risk of Extinction

    These cute, chubby, and fluffy animals grow to become Antarctica’s expert divers. They start their lives off as gray and cuddly chicks, waddling around their snowy terrain. Only one egg is laid by a female per breeding season, and the egg is then incubated by the male partner for about two months while the female…

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  • Missile Attack on Poland

    Missile Attack on Poland

    On Tuesday, a missile came crashing down near the Ukrainian border in the Polish village of Przewodow, Poland, killing two people. The attack resulted in extensive damage with buildings splintered around the area, as a wave of uncertainty settled over Poland. However, the investigation is still ongoing as to whether the attack was started by…

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  • Nancy Pelosi Steps Down as Speaker of the House

    Nancy Pelosi Steps Down as Speaker of the House

    As an icon, a political figure, and a leader, Nancy Pelosi has single-handedly broken history’s repetitive streak. In 2007, she said “for our daughters and our granddaughters: today we have broken the marble ceiling” as she became the first female Speaker in the House of Representatives. Now she has announced that she will be stepping…

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  • Historic Moon Missions

    Historic Moon Missions

    Paul Brandt demanded “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the Moon,” and NASA responded with another gravity defying achievement. In the wee hours of Wednesday the 16th, Artemis 1 took off from Florida on its historic trip to the moon. This momentous trip is possible after nearly half a decade…

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  • COP27 Climate Summit

    COP27 Climate Summit

    Leaders from around the world have come together to discuss solutions for some of the biggest challenges the world faces, including climate change. At the COP27, world leaders will work towards a cleaner, greener planet. The COP27 goes by many different names, such as the Climate Change Conference or Conference of the Parties. From November…

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