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Category: Edition 79

  • Wildfires Ravage Hawaii

    Wildfires Ravage Hawaii

    When people used to think of Hawaii, images of sandy beaches and palm trees came to mind first. However, now six fires ravage across the state depriving thousands of their homes and businesses. For almost a week, citizens of Hawaii have been facing the raging fires that has currently claimed the lives of ninety-six or…

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  • Twitter vs Threads

    Twitter vs Threads

    Twitter had been unopposed for more than 15 years, but earlier this month, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, released his “Twitter Killer” Threads. Threads took a mere 5 days to reach 100 million users, which begs the question, will Threads replace Twitter forever? New Changes to Twitter Twitter was first created to be a platform…

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  • New Samsung Galaxy Flip

    New Samsung Galaxy Flip

    Samsung Galaxy Flip’s latest release is a prime example of Samsung’s unwavering commitment to innovation. This phenomenal gadget breaks beyond the limitations of conventional smartphones and initiates a new era of mobile technology that combines design and utility. All Around Updates This phone is produced to serve elegance with its sleek and slim profile and…

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  • Benefits of a Summer Job for Teens

    Benefits of a Summer Job for Teens

    Are you the age of 14 or above? Do you have a desire to learn new things and broaden your experiences? Do you believe you treat others with fairness? I apologize if this sounds like a repetitious brochure, but if you have the qualities above, a summer job might be perfect for you. Though the…

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  • The Science Behind Muscle Memory

    The Science Behind Muscle Memory

    What is Muscle Memory and Why is it Amazing? Have you ever played a sport? Do you play a musical instrument? Can you drive a car? Can you write that formula even though you don’t consciously remember it? If you can do any one of these things, you’ve used your muscle memory. There are countless…

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  • Politics Encroaching on Education

    Politics Encroaching on Education

    In a stunning move of politics encroaching on education, College Board sent out a memo stating that their AP Psychology course would no longer be offered in the state of Florida due to its laws “restricting K-12 lessons on sexual identity and gender” according to Politico. The statement claimed that Florida “has said districts are…

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  • Potential New Function of CRISPR-Cas System Discovered 

    Potential New Function of CRISPR-Cas System Discovered 

    What is CRISPR-Cas9? CRISPR (pronounced “crisper”) is shorthand for CRISPR-Cas9, where Cas stands for CRISPR-associated. CRISPR is an enzyme that acts like a pair of molecular scissors, capable of cutting strands of DNA. This enzyme is a family of DNA sequences found in the genomes of prokaryotic organisms such as bacteria. These organisms use CRISPR-derived…

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  • Covid Diaries

    Covid Diaries

    It used to twitter before though it was never descried,It used to fly before though it was never recognised,Today it trills and is heard as well,Heedlessly it soars through the sky where merrily itdwells.This is the kind of arena,Don’t you think must span through the whole era,No one can stop us from leading towards destruction,Do…

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  • Ecuadorian Political Assassination

    Ecuadorian Political Assassination

    In a shocking turn of events, the world recently witnessed the tragic assassination of Ecuadorian journalist and activist, Fernando Villavicencio. Known for his unwavering dedication to uncovering the truth and holding those in power accountable, Villavicencio’s untimely demise has left a void in the realm of investigative journalism.  Villavicencio was a beacon of hope for…

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