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Category: Edition 87

  • Mayorkas Impeached

    Mayorkas Impeached

    In a stunning move, House Republicans successfully impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. With a paper thin margin of 214-213, this marked the first time that a sitting Cabinet member has been impeached. This was the second time this vote was set after it failed by a 214-216 margin after an intense evening of debates.…

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  • Wildfire in Chile

    Wildfire in Chile

    Historic wildfires in Chile annihilated thousands of homes and killed more than one hundred thirty people. Many people think that global warming was fuel poured on top of them flame. However, scientists are not sure whether climate change played a part in this. The housing crisis in Chile played a large part in fueling the…

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  • Habitable Super Earth

    Habitable Super Earth

    We have all learnt what makes our Earth habitable: its precise distance from our Sun allows for the perfect amount of heat to sustain life. In the search for life outside our planet, scientists are looking for planets which have this key trait; now, it seems that they have found one about 135 light years…

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  • A Voice For All Infants

    A Voice For All Infants

    A baby’s first cry delights the mother’s heart. It gives life meaning as it has proven to restore purpose in most parental livelihoods. In biological studies, the strain to cry is what initiates the respiratory system. Further into raising the infant, the cry stimulates the production of the oxytocin hormone which precedes contraction of the…

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  • Cape Verde Eradicates Malaria

    Cape Verde Eradicates Malaria

    Malaria is one of the leading lethal diseases in Africa. A report in 2022 showed that 580,000 people succumbed to the disease which amounted to 95% of fatalities worldwide. Malaria is commonly spread through bites of the female Anopheles mosquito. Other causes could be blood transfusions or infected needles. Infants, people living with HIV, pregnant…

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  • Safety From The Storm

    Safety From The Storm

    Here it is. Another storm has come I huddled near one of the corners at the head of the bed to lean my head against the wall I brought my knees closer to my head I buried my face and closed my eyes shut I plugged in my airpods and started playing my music to…

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