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Category: Edition 65

  • Mauna Loa Eruption

    Mauna Loa Eruption

    Imagine a treasure trove of knowledge finally being discovered but coming with certain unpredictable dangers. This is what scientists around the world currently feel as the oldest active volcano in the world, Mauna Loa, starts to erupt. Monday, December 2nd was a reminder to everyone that humanity has not figured out all of nature’s secrets.…

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  • Hearing Loss in Young Adults

    Hearing Loss in Young Adults

    Modern teenage culture revolves around music, socialization, technology, and partying. With new types of headphones for new songs, and new clubs displaying their own loud music, more and more young people aren’t paying attention to the long-lasting damage of their conventions. Over 1.35 Billion young adults and teenagers are at a risk for irreversible hearing…

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  • The Rise in Fungal Lung Infections: A Trend Across America 

    The Rise in Fungal Lung Infections: A Trend Across America 

    Fungal infections have been on the rise in America for decades. Typically, ideal conditions are required for fungi to thrive and infect specific areas of the body. However, such diseases have been spreading from their native regions, “taking clinicians and patients by surprise,” says UC Davis School of Medicine professor, Dr. George Thomas. While the…

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  • Fate’s Play –– Poetry

    Fate’s Play –– Poetry

    Fate’s Play ‘O cruel fate you lie with such versed ease You pierce my heart yet proclaim yourself innocent Tying my feet you open the cage as if to tease You dare me dream a dream of a sky so magnificent Yet plunge me back into the fog of responsibilities You ask me stone or…

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  • Quarantine Protests in China

    Quarantine Protests in China

    3 years ago, Covid-19 rampaged into our lives, leaving a calamity rivaling no other in its wake. Thus, it’s not hard to understand why a regime would put up precautions––but when does caution become captivity? China once again hopes to enforce the Zero-COVID Policy, but the reestablishment of the severe restrictions is not supported by…

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  • Iranian National Soccer Team Protests National Anthem

    Iranian National Soccer Team Protests National Anthem

    In an unprecedented protest against the Iranian regime, the Iranian players refused to sign the national anthem before their opening match against England.  echo of the dissent from back home, these players voiced their support for the revolts with their silence.  Immediately after this insult, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps met with the opposing players to…

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  • Space Based Solar Energy

    Space Based Solar Energy

    Since 2021, our world has been facing a global energy crisis. We can see its effects from the increasing prices and bills since we need energy to power factories, homes, etc. The causes? Climate change, energy wastage, the Ukraine war, quarantine… This list goes on. But more importantly, how do we fix it? The solution…

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