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  • Messi to Sign With Inter Miami from PSG

    Messi to Sign With Inter Miami from PSG

    Lionel Messi, one of the finest soccer superstars of our generation, is planning to sign on with Inter Miami. Just a couple days after he noted that he will not be staying with Paris Saint-Germain, Messi declared in an interview his plans to move to Miami.  Possible Moves Messi’s sparkling career establishes him as one…

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  • What are Virgin Births in Animals?

    What are Virgin Births in Animals?

    Parthenogenesis, commonly referred to as virgin birth, has been brought back into the limelight when a recent case of a crocodilian was reported–a first. Introducing a first An American crocodile named Coquita has been in isolation for 16 years in a zoo in Costa Rica known as Parque Reptilanda, where she laid her eggs. Given…

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  • Effects of Wildfire Smoke

    Effects of Wildfire Smoke

    Smoky wildfires from Canada have recently been affecting millions of people on the American East Coast. There are pictures of smoke and haze obscuring the New York skyline. Because of the raging wildfires on June 7th, 2023, New York and Detroit both made the list of the five most polluted cities in the world. Even…

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  • Who’s on the ballot so far?

    Who’s on the ballot so far?

    The last couple presidential elections have been widely viewed and commented on. Furthermore, they have aided the ample publicity that the 2024 election is already receiving. Many candidates have already entered the race with fourteen in total right now (three Democrats, ten Republicans, and one from a third party). Democratic Runners In the Democratic Party…

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  • Kilauea’s Volcanic Eruption

    Kilauea’s Volcanic Eruption

    Activity stirred within the geographical plates of the Hawaiian region, and consequently, the Kilauea volcano erupted on Wednesday earlier this week as stated by the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. Since its last eruption in January this year, it has shown signs of increasing unrest in May. In December last year, the volcano stopped erupting for the…

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  • Why Are We Reading Less? Ways to Inspire Readers Again

    Why Are We Reading Less? Ways to Inspire Readers Again

    Reading: whether we like it or not, it is something we all do in our practical lives. From glancing at letters on a screen to gazing at an advertisement, it is clear that reading is as vital to our everyday lives as it was thousands of years ago. Books, on the other hand, are a…

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  • World Record for Longest Solo Cooking Marathon

    World Record for Longest Solo Cooking Marathon

    Hilda Effiong Bassey, better known as Hilda Baci, is a Nigerian chef and restauranteur who has broken the world record for longest solo cooking marathon. A Woman with a Goal Hilda Baci initially scheduled for the marathon to last 96 hours. The marathon started on Thursday May 11th and ended on Monday May 15th. Hilda…

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  • Prince vs Paparazzi

    Prince vs Paparazzi

    Prince Harry, though no longer addressed as His Royal Highness, has yet again stepped into the limelight with a case that claims that journalists hacked his phone. His claims are targeted against three Mirror titles – The Daily Mirror, The Sunday Mirror, and People – all of whom denied all claims, as well as Rupert…

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