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Category: Edition 76

  • How to Cope with Panic Attacks

    How to Cope with Panic Attacks

    Panic attacks are such a terrifying experience since they come up unexpectedly and suddenly. When experiencing a panic attack, one could experience the following symptoms: shortness of breath(hyperventilating), having a racing heartbeat, shaking, sweating, fear of impending doom. Though different people show different symptoms when experiencing this intense episode of fear, in the moment one…

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  • Unraveling Pakistan’s Political Crisis

    Unraveling Pakistan’s Political Crisis

    Pakistan finds itself at a crossroads, facing a deepening political crisis that has sparked concerns both within its borders and across the world. The persistent issue of military interference in civilian affairs has rekindled debates on democracy, governance, and the potential ramifications for the international community. Understanding the consequences of this crisis is crucial for…

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  • Solar Power Use in Lebanon

    Solar Power Use in Lebanon

    Over the past couple of years, Lebanon has faced an economic crisis following its currency loss of value against the dollar since October 2019. The war between the Russians and Ukraine only worsened the situation, increasing the fuel prices due to fuel shortages. The National Grid in Lebanon has faced major challenges not being able…

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  • Tucker Carlson Leaves Fox News

    Tucker Carlson Leaves Fox News

    Fox News has lost one of its famous reporters accredited with setting the agenda for US Conservatives: Tucker Carlson. However, after an investigation led by Dominion Voting Systems, it seems that the US Conservatives were setting the agenda for the cable TV host.   Dominion Voting Systems sued Fox News for $1.6 billion claiming that the…

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  • IRS Whistleblower Speaks Out About Hunter Biden Case

    IRS Whistleblower Speaks Out About Hunter Biden Case

    The federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs began quietly in 2018. It was two years later that Biden released a statement saying that he had only just become aware of this development. Biden claimed that he was not worried and that he was sure a thorough investigation would clear all suspicion. Investigators were looking…

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  • Engineering Crops that Clone Themselves

    Engineering Crops that Clone Themselves

    Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) vs Hybrids GMO seeds are created in labs for desirable traits by injecting seeds with genes from another plant. Some of these traits could be withstanding drier weather conditions or harmful insects. Unlike hybrid seeds that are products of cross-pollination, GMO seeds are generated in labs via gene modification. GMO seeds…

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  • Saturn’s Rings Are Disappearing

    Saturn’s Rings Are Disappearing

    Every planet has some iconic feature to it: Mercury has its craters, Jupiter has its Great Red Spot, and Venus has its plethora of clouds. However, none of them are quite as notable as Saturn’s rings. Scientists have recently discovered that Saturn’s hallmark trait may not be around for much longer. Fear not, while the…

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