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Category: Edition 89

  • Switzerland’s Failed Climate Action

    Switzerland’s Failed Climate Action

    A historic case in Switzerland became one of the first of its kind to introduce penalties to a country through use of an international court, in this case the European Court of Human Rights. The significance of such a case can seep into other countries by proving that action will be taken against countries which…

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  • Endometriosis Awareness

    Endometriosis Awareness

    According to the World Health Organization, endometriosis is a gynaecological condition affecting about 10% of women and girls globally. It is a condition where the lining of the uterus, commonly known as the womb, grows in other parts of the body, like ovaries and the fallopian tubes. It causes a chronic inflammatory reaction that may…

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  • Flooding in Dubai

    Flooding in Dubai

    Dubai is now experiencing record rates of flooding that has already led to the deaths of at least twenty three people. Ten of the twenty-three casualties were children from a school bus attempting to traverse the flooded roads. Scientists agree that there is one definite factor leading to the worsening floods: climate change.  Climate change…

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  • Cloning of Monkeys

    Cloning of Monkeys

    In a groundbreaking feat of scientific achievement, Chinese researchers have recently accomplished the cloning of the first rhesus monkey, affectionately named “ReTro.” This remarkable milestone not only marks a significant leap forward in medical research but also holds the promise of transforming drug testing and biomedical studies. By providing genetically identical subjects, this breakthrough offers…

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