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  • Iowa & New Hampshire Caucuses

    Iowa & New Hampshire Caucuses

    The Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses shed light on the upcoming general election in the US. These early contests can reveal candidate momentum, grassroots backing, and regional attitudes, which have great influence on the final election. Former-president Donald Trump won by a comfortable margin in both the New Hampshire and Iowa caucuses: so what does…

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  • US Airstrike Against Houthi

    US Airstrike Against Houthi

    On January 11, the United States and the United Kingdom joined forces and launched an attack against Houthi targets located in Yemen. Such a move was put in motion due to the missile attacks the Houthi had launched against cargo ships that were passing through the Red Sea.  Who are the Houthis The Houthis were…

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  • The Crisis Of Femicide In Kenya

    The Crisis Of Femicide In Kenya

    TW: Assault, death It’s barely been a full month into the new year, but news circulating about crimes against women in Kenya have already instilled a sense of fear to people all over the nation and globe. The first case that shook the nation was the brutal murder of socialite Starlet Wahu that happened in…

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  • Royal Caribbean Ship: Icon Of The Seas

    Royal Caribbean Ship: Icon Of The Seas

    The Royal Caribbean has broken records and shown that anything is possible after upgrading and engineering the Icon of the Seas. The two billion dollar Icon is 1198 feet with 20 decks and 2,805 staterooms and is expected to host about 7,600 passengers. She sits at her home port in Miami in all her glory…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Focus On Skincare Among Gen Z

    Pros And Cons Of Focus On Skincare Among Gen Z

    Gen Z and the skincare boom has become a topic of discussion following the recent ‘Sephora kids’ controversy. This generation has had a skincare revolution, going against cultural beliefs and norms towards beauty and diversifying the beauty world. Skincare has become inclusive of everyone, skin colors and skin types. This has sparked all kinds of…

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  • NASA Supersonic X-59 Planes

    NASA Supersonic X-59 Planes

    What if an airplane was as silent as a closing car door and faster than the speed of sound? Is this concept even possible? Fighting the ban against supersonic transportation made by the FAA, NASA’s new debut of the ongoing Lockheed Martin Quesst mission (2018-2014) may change flight travel as we know it. The mission…

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  • The Alaskan Airlines Nightmare

    The Alaskan Airlines Nightmare

    Imagine you are on a flight to your desired destination, relaxing in your airplane seat. You have some slight nerves but hope that the trip will be as exciting as reaching where you would like to be. Suddenly, you hear screams as a part of the plane seems to deteriorate before it completely falls off…

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  • Millenium Camera Imagines Life In 1,000 Years

    Millenium Camera Imagines Life In 1,000 Years

    Have you ever imagined how life would look in a thousand years, like the land you are on right now? Try imagining how that exact piece of land will look a thousand years in the future! Well, those living  in the year 3023 will be able to know due to the Millennium camera, changing the…

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  • Anticipated TV Shows & Movies

    Anticipated TV Shows & Movies

    Entering 2024, we already see new teasers, trailers, and announcements of electrifying movies and tv series that are soon to come. January alone had an abundance of intoxicating shows and movies that captured our screens and our eyes. Before we begin to discuss the future of television and the big screens in 2024, let’s take…

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  • Iranian Air Strike In Pakistan

    Iranian Air Strike In Pakistan

    Tit for tat is a phrase which perfectly describes the relationship between Iran and Pakistan recently. Iran and Pakistan have long had a very volatile relationship but recent events are believed to be a catalyst which will exacerbate the already strained relations between the two nations. Iran carried out a missile and drone attack on…

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  • Who is Narges Mohammadi?

    Who is Narges Mohammadi?

    Narges Mohammadi––51-year old Iranian human rights activist, journalist, wife, and mother. Mohammadi has been a symbol of women’s rights and independence for several decades. She was awarded the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize for her extensive work in condemning the Iranian government’s brutal style of dealing with dissidents and for promoting equality and freedom for women.…

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