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  • Separated Migrant Families

    Separated Migrant Families

    The US sees itself as a beacon of hope to the rest of the world; however, officials have been trying to control the consequences of such an idea. During Former President Trump’s presidency, he initiated a “zero tolerance” policy, and President Biden now has to deal with its effects. The “zero-tolerance” policy was enacted on…

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  • “Ring of Fire” Eclipse

    “Ring of Fire” Eclipse

    An annular eclipse occurred on 14th October, 2023, and was seen in various parts of the United States, Central and South America. The eclipse had a 125-mile path of annularity which covered a really wide area. The path began over the Pacific Ocean and made landfall in Oregon. The path arched from Oregon to Texas; then…

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  • Israel-Hamas Conflict: Unprecedented Attack and Escalating Tensions

    Israel-Hamas Conflict: Unprecedented Attack and Escalating Tensions

    The world watches as the escalating conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group known as Hamas becomes more detrimental. The conflict has reached unprecedented levels of violence and tension, not just in that region but globally. The situation that unfolded has roots that can be dated back decades.  The Recent Escalation Explanation The recent…

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  • McCarthy Ousted & Race for the Speakership

    McCarthy Ousted & Race for the Speakership

    In a historical first, Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted on October 3rd in a 216 to 210 vote to vacate the position of Speaker. All 208 Democratic representatives and eight Republican representatives voted in favor of removing McCarthy. It took fifteen attempts to select McCarthy to fill the position, yet it only took…

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  • Hollywood Strike

    Hollywood Strike

    This year’s Hollywood writer’s strike has come second in history’s record, having been the longest strike there has been in the United States since 1988 that lasted about 154 days.The 2023 strike has lasted about 148 days from 2 May to 27 September where 11,500 writers walked out of their places of work. This chaotic…

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