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  • Wildfires in Canada

    Wildfires in Canada

    Over the years, global warming has caused many questions to rise. First, what is it? Then, how do we fix it? Next came, can we fix it? And now we are facing the answer of another question: what are the consequences? Wildfires are raging throughout Canada, driving thousands out of homes as officials rush to…

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  • New White House Office of Environmental Justice

    New White House Office of Environmental Justice

    Just days after President Biden entered office, he created the White House Environmental Justice Interagency Council (IAC). Different committees contributing to the IAC are to meet on a regular basis to discuss the government’s commitment to environmental justice. The IAC replaced the Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice which was created in 1994 so that…

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  • Mixing Tradition & Contemporary — King Charles’ Coronation

    Mixing Tradition & Contemporary — King Charles’ Coronation

    In a once-in-a-generation celebration, 74-year-old Charles III was crowned King of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms. Camilla was also crowned as Queen Consort. Many notable faces were present in this deeply traditional coronation. Although King Charles became king immediately after the reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth passed away, his official coronation was conducted on…

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  • Arrival of AR Glasses

    Arrival of AR Glasses

    In so many science fiction movies, we’ve seen characters use these cool unimaginable gadgets like force fields, holographic screens, etc. Looks like we could be getting closer to that reality, and the proof of that is AR Glasses. What are they? For some time now, people have been expecting AR Glasses that can be used…

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  • Latest Abortion Pill Ruling

    Latest Abortion Pill Ruling

    Abortion is a national issue dredged in controversy; due to the overthrowing of Roe v. Wade in the Supreme Court, many new questions have arisen regarding women’s rights. Another imperative question to the debate is the use of abortion pills and the regulations surrounding their commercial selling. Mifepristone On April 7, a court in Texas…

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