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  • The End of the Second Elizabethan Era

    The End of the Second Elizabethan Era

    By: Advika Rajeev Queen Elizabeth II, who was the face of the British monarchy for 70 years, has passed at the age of 96. Succeeded by her oldest son––now King Charles III––Queen Elizabeth left behind a substantial legacy that forever changed the makeup of the United Kingdom.  Her Role in History Queen Elizabeth was crowned less than a decade after the Second World War, but she held leadership roles even before she officially accepted the throne. At the age of 19, she joined the British Armed Forces as a part of the Auxiliary Territorial Service, and she was the first

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  • Launching the Artemis I Mission

    Launching the Artemis I Mission

    By: Mihika Rajeev NASA’s Artemis 1 plans to fill in a missing piece in the puzzle of the universe. Artemis 1, named after the Greek goddess of the moon, will “enable human exploration to the Moon and Mars” as stated in the NASA website. If the unmanned rocket succeeds in its first mission, testing whether the rocket can carry astronauts, then the possibilities are past the stars. This flight is designed to test two main parts of the rocket, the SLS mega-rocket and Orion spacecraft. However, the launch date has already been reset twice. The first was due to a

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  • Sand Battery: From A Pile of Sand to Energy

    Sand Battery: From A Pile of Sand to Energy

    By: Sakshi Agashe The Beginnings of the Idea A Finnish company called Polar Night Energy has designed the first commercial-use sand battery that can use low grade sand to effectively heat homes in the winter. The idea of two Finnish engineers, Tommy Eronen and Markku Ylӧnen, came into reality in late July when the battery was officially launched. While implementing the sand battery, the engineers pleasantly discovered that the battery had greater potential than originally calculated. Currently, it is installed at the Vaajakoski power plant, where it helps heat the district. Standing 23 feet tall, this intimidating steel stilo could

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  • Taylor Swift Announces Drop of New Album “Midnights”

    Taylor Swift Announces Drop of New Album “Midnights”

    By: Ananya Thirumalai Taylor Swift recently announced her 10th album at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards on August 28th. This unexpected release left fans shocked and ecstatic at the idea of a new album that wasn’t a rerecording. Taylor Swift had been hinting at the new album by name-dropping it in spaced-out letters while announcing the release for ‘This Love (Taylor’s version) debuting in the show, “The Summer I Turned Pretty. Despite fans having missed this hint, which Taylor Swift was evidently so discreet at dropping, everyone is anticipating the release of this new album.  According to the social

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  • I am different, not less –– Accepting Autism

    I am different, not less –– Accepting Autism

    By: Abigail Dressell This is the cry heard from autistic individuals across the globe. Autistic people have heard hateful things from society, like “Autism is a disease that must be cured!” This must be stopped. We need to raise our voices and tune out the voice of oppression that tells us we can’t make a difference, that we can’t make a change. What is autism? The CDC defines autism as a “developmental disability caused by differences in the brain.” This means the autistic community tends to think differently and see the world in different ways. What is Autism Speaks? In

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  • Toys R Us Makes a Comeback

    Toys R Us Makes a Comeback

    By: Niharika Rajeev As you walk through the sliding doors the smell of fresh toys floats around you. Rows and rows of toys tower all around you, teddy bears waiting for someone to pick them up and cool gadgets that bring the impossible to life. This was Toys ‘R’ Us at its peak, the pinnacle of every birthday and every kid’s favorite store.  Unfortunately, Toys ‘R’ Us filed for bankruptcy in 2017 after being challenged by online competitors. Toys ‘R’ Us was bogged down by a debt of $8 billion but managed to open its website and two physical stores

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  • Apple’s Latest Reveal

    Apple’s Latest Reveal

    By: Sara Simon Apple indeed went far out on the September 7th Far Out Event. In this event, Apple announced the new AirPod Pros, Apple Watch lineup, and most importantly the iPhone 14 lineup.  What are the Changes? Most of the upgrades were minor upgrades, like the upgrades for the AirPod Pros, Apple Watch Series 8, Second Gen Apple Watch SE, iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. To summarize, the AirPods can now make a personalized Spatial Audio profile for each individual; you can swipe to adjust volume, instead of tap; and the case has a speaker now to be able

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