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  • 15 Players Resign from Spanish National Women’s Soccer Team

    15 Players Resign from Spanish National Women’s Soccer Team

    15 players from the Spanish National women’s soccer team sent out exact letters explaining that unless there were changes made to how the national team is run, they will not play for the team. While the players have not outright called for the resignation of the current coach, Jorge Vilda, it is clear from their comments that they no longer support the method with which he runs the team. Why leave? Citing that Vilda’s coaching style has negatively affected “their emotional state and their health,” these 15 players refuse to be called upon to join the National team. In response

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  • Mahsa Amini and Iran’s Morality Police

    Mahsa Amini and Iran’s Morality Police

    Twenty two-year-old Iranian citizen Mahsa Amini died on September 16 after being detained by Iran’s “morality police.” The morality police, officially known as Tehran’s Guidance Patrol, was established in 2005 and is a segment of the police force that is tasked with ensuring Islamic dress code in public.  Amini was arrested 3 days before her death by the morality police for improperly wearing her hijab. The exact laws regarding when and how women need to wear head coverings are extremely vague, causing public outrage regarding how the police interpret immodest wear. Amini’s father explains how his son and other witnesses

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  • British PM Liz Truss Resigns After 6 Weeks

    British PM Liz Truss Resigns After 6 Weeks

    A day after declaring in Parliament that she was “a fighter, not a quitter,” UK Prime Minister Liz Truss finally resigned. She served for only 44 days, making her the shortest-serving prime minister in British history. In her resignation speech, she spoke of the economic issues that the UK was facing, saying that the “country had been held back for too long by low economic growth.” However, she stated that she could not fulfill the commitment she made to her party, which was the reason for her resignation.  How did we get here? Holding an extensive resume for her political

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  • The Permafrost Pandemic

    The Permafrost Pandemic

    Climate change has already started critically affecting the world around us, and with its prevalence around the world, it would seem like we already know everything about the dangers of climate change. But it definitely has more surprises in store for us. Viruses have been frozen in permafrost, a frozen terrain that is now melting due to climate change. It has already affected us This is not merely a hypothesis about what could happen; instead, this has already taken place. In 2016, an outbreak of anthrax, caused by an unfrozen reindeer carcass, infected eight and killed one. Dr. Romanovsky, a

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  • A Look Back in History

    A Look Back in History

    November November 1, 1848 – First medical school for women, the New England Female Medical School, opens in 1874. It merges with Boston University to become one of the world’s first co-ed medical schools. November 3, 1957 – Soviet Russia launched the world’s first inhabited space capsule, Sputnik II, which carried a dog named Laika. November 4, 1890 – The first electrified underground railway system was officially opened in London. November 4, 1922 – King Tut’s tomb was discovered at Luxor, Egypt, by British archaeologist Howard Carter after several years of searching. The child-King Tutankhamen became pharaoh at age nine and died around 1352

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  • Flip Side of the Coin

    Flip Side of the Coin

    Stepped on, sat on, ignored, never revered, On good days I’m forgotten, on bad ones I’m feared. It seems a cruel trick to hate me the most, I say When night creeps closer and my family comes out to play. I see your families, undeserved cheer under the hateful sun. So how can you scorn me when all I want is a moment of fun? Yet even your children are born afraid of me Squealing to their parents when I shift beneath a tree. I’ve never complained being bound to your feet Because one day I knew, you’d look back

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  • Trevor Noah Bids Goodbye to the Daily Show

    Trevor Noah Bids Goodbye to the Daily Show

    By: Niharika Rajeev The end of a comedic era is upon us as Trever Noah says Adios! to The Daily Show. On September 29, the comedian announced his retirement during an episode. As the episode was shot on the anniversary of his 7-year tenure, he states “we’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together. But after seven years, I feel like it’s time.” While his announcement shocked viewers, it appears that Comedy Central may also have been blind-sided by this announcement: “We are grateful to Trevor for our amazing partnership over the past seven years. With no timetable for his departure, we’re

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  • Forced Russian Annexation of Ukrainian Territory

    Forced Russian Annexation of Ukrainian Territory

    By: Sanya Suresh Pillai On September 30th, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he was annexing several Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia. Russia is annexing four territories, Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzha, and areas in Kherson, making up almost 15% of  Ukraine. In a pompous ceremony, he proclaimed that Russia was on its way to victory, as he signed the annexation documents. Propaganda, detainment, and torture In what is the largest annexation in Europe since World War II, the Russian government has stated that they will continue looking for people who are willing to accept Russia. However, NATO and countries worldwide have

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  • It’s a Pity — Poetry

    It’s a Pity — Poetry

    By: Sakshi Agashe The names are easy to remember It’s the stories that get lost They try to escape the graves Yet time is a brutal gatekeeper Mercilessly traps them where they are Once in a while some escape Carried by the wind far away Only those that listen can hear The melodious secrets which they part Like medicine to the numbing grief Like a shade on a scorching day Like a hug to lost souls The stories are immortal in a way They last generations after the names Each give the names a body Each a soul to the

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  • NordStream Pipeline Damage: A Political Mystery and Environmental Crisis

    NordStream Pipeline Damage: A Political Mystery and Environmental Crisis

    By: Sakshi Agashe What happened? Swedish coast guards discovered the 4th leak on the Nord Stream pipeline on September 30th, 2022. The first two leaks were found in Danish water, and a third leak was in Swedish waters. The leakage is suspected to have been due to deliberate explosions. What is the Nord Stream Pipeline? The Nord Stream is an underwater pipeline through the Baltic Sea reaching from Russia to the northeast region of Germany, passing close to the Danish island of Bornholm. Opened in 2011, the pipeline can send 170m cubic meters of gas per day from Russia to

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