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  • Cristiano Ronaldo’s Future After Manchester United

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s Future After Manchester United

    After an explosive interview with TalkTV’s Piers Morgan, Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has been under fire for the comments he made during the press event. Since his return to Manchester United, Ronaldo has not had the same share of success he had in his first stint with Manchester United. In the spitting interview, Ronaldo blames a large share of it on the club manager Erik ten Hag. Rooted Displeasure Ronaldo’s unhappiness with the club’s performance has been no secret with sources claiming he has been attempting to move from his current club. Even though the final parts of this

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  • Goodbye Happy Feet? Emperor Penguins at Risk of Extinction

    Goodbye Happy Feet? Emperor Penguins at Risk of Extinction

    These cute, chubby, and fluffy animals grow to become Antarctica’s expert divers. They start their lives off as gray and cuddly chicks, waddling around their snowy terrain. Only one egg is laid by a female per breeding season, and the egg is then incubated by the male partner for about two months while the female searches for food. When the mother returns, both parents continue to raise and feed the chick until it is strong enough to leave the colony. A unique feature of this species is that one parent carries the baby between its legs for warmth until the

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  • Missile Attack on Poland

    Missile Attack on Poland

    On Tuesday, a missile came crashing down near the Ukrainian border in the Polish village of Przewodow, Poland, killing two people. The attack resulted in extensive damage with buildings splintered around the area, as a wave of uncertainty settled over Poland. However, the investigation is still ongoing as to whether the attack was started by Russians or if the projectile was launched by Ukraine, or if we have an entirely new culprit in our hands.  Who Fired the Missile? At a similar time to when the missile had exploded near Przewodow, Russia had been launching a full-scale attack on critical

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  • Why are Perfumes so Expensive?

    Why are Perfumes so Expensive?

    An ornate perfume is set on the shelf of my nearby Sephora. Curious, I take a small sample paper they offer and spritz it a few times. As I hold it up to my nose, a gorgeous blend of orange blossom, lavender, and musk whisk me away to a dream: a grove in a fragrant garden. Happily, I smell other perfumes. Then, my dreams fade away as I come back to the Sephora where my feet are placed, and realize that my family can’t afford these perfumes. Not because we are poor, but because designer brands sometimes set prices for

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  • Nancy Pelosi Steps Down as Speaker of the House

    Nancy Pelosi Steps Down as Speaker of the House

    As an icon, a political figure, and a leader, Nancy Pelosi has single-handedly broken history’s repetitive streak. In 2007, she said “for our daughters and our granddaughters: today we have broken the marble ceiling” as she became the first female Speaker in the House of Representatives. Now she has announced that she will be stepping down from that position while still representing California’s twelfth district. The Leader of Her Times Pelosi’s twenty years as Speaker of the House had many crucial decisions that have changed the lives of many. During Pelosi’s years as House Speaker, she worked with four presidents:

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  • Historic Moon Missions

    Historic Moon Missions

    Paul Brandt demanded “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the Moon,” and NASA responded with another gravity defying achievement. In the wee hours of Wednesday the 16th, Artemis 1 took off from Florida on its historic trip to the moon. This momentous trip is possible after nearly half a decade of preparations, but that is not to say that the ship took off with no problems. Artemis 1 encountered many issues: leak issues with the tanks, technical issues with the mega moon rocket, and even two hurricanes.  Last Minute Repairs The red crew, a team

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  • Rishi Sunak––the Latest to Fill the Seat of British PM

    Rishi Sunak––the Latest to Fill the Seat of British PM

    Enter Rishi Sunak. 42 year old British politician of Indian descent. Previous UK finance minister and current leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister. After Liz Truss resigned from her post after a disastrous six weeks, the race for PM split between Sunak, Penny Mordaunt, and Grant Shapps. After each dropped out from the race, Sunak was elected on October 24 as the first British Asian and practicing Hindu to be the British Prime Minister. Newly crowned King Charles III appointed Sunak to this role.  Beginnings Rishi Sunak, after studying philosophy, politics, and economics from Lincoln College and Oxford,

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  • Attack on Paul Pelosi

    Attack on Paul Pelosi

    The quiet tinkle of the glass shards falling to the floor was soon overpowered by the crunch of the intruder’s boots, as he made his way through the now demolished window and into the house. A hammer in his right and zipties clenched in his left hand as he sauntered over to Paul Pelosi: who slept on the bed oblivious. The intruder hunched over Pelosi as he loudly demanded the location of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  In the predawn hours of Friday, October 28 Paul Pelosi was jerked out of his slumber as the intruder, David DePape, grilled him on

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  • Seoul Halloween Stampede

    Seoul Halloween Stampede

    Thousands of people, children, and adults were all compressed into one small commercial area in Seoul, South Korea. After years of enduring a suffocating pandemic, these people went out on a Halloween festival hoping to find some relief or joy, instead, they found themselves choking, struggling for air. As the crowd started to reach a narrow alleyway known for its party scene a few people started to push others, and before they could even realize what was happening, they started to fall one by one like dominos. People began stacking on top of each other like cookies in a jar.

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  • Respect for Marriage Act

    Respect for Marriage Act

    Someone once said “history repeats itself,” and today, as we celebrate the last few remaining months of 2022, Justice Clarence Thomas has called into reconsideration a case from history. Obergefell v Hodges was the 2015 decision that established a constitutional right to same-sex marriages in the United States. The roots of this decision digs deeper, questioning the historically perceived meaning of marriage––“a conjugal bond”––that is a union between a man and a woman and the act of procreation that is connected with it. However, as we all move a step ahead, we need to start embracing the widening horizons of

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