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  • The Return of the Rosetta Stone

    The Return of the Rosetta Stone

    Conflicts between the public and museums across America and Europe have only grown as people demand that cultural artifacts that were “stolen” are returned to them. Communities have stated that Western museums are “disrespecting” their traditional cultures by holding them, rather than returning them to their true owners. However, these conflicts have finally centered upon a specific artifact, a gray slab of stone that has helped us decipher the drawings of a massive ancient civilization: the Rosetta Stone.  What is the Rosetta Stone? The Rosetta Stone, found in 1799 in the modern day city of Rashid, is a stone that

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  • The Mountain Lion of Legend: P-22

    The Mountain Lion of Legend: P-22

    P-22, the celebrity mountain lion of Los Angeles, was recently euthanized after discovering he was suffering from several diseases. Certain unusual behaviors had alerted professionals to these illnesses and he was soon captured and put to sleep. An unusual origin The large cat had gone through many trials beginning with getting into LA. Even from the start, he was an unusual puma, and his adventures originated when he crossed both the 405 freeway and the 101 freeway. Only nine other pumas have managed to cross even just the 101 freeway. The mountain lion’s fame spread like wildfire after the iconic

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  • 5.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hits West Java, Indonesia

    5.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hits West Java, Indonesia

    Following a relatively minor, but shallow, 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Cianjur, West Java, more than 340 people are reported dead or missing. The earthquake, which was felt strongly for three to ten seconds in the West Java Province’s Sukabumi District, Sukabumi City, Bandung District, Cianjur District, Bogor District, and Bogor City, the DKI Jakarta Province’s Jakarta City, and the Province of Banten’s Bekasi City, caused panic among the locals. The earthquake triggered landslides that swept entire villages away and made it difficult for many injured people to get to Cianjur’s major hospital. When they arrived, the situation was even more

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  • Indonesia Passes Restrictive Criminal Code

    Indonesia Passes Restrictive Criminal Code

    As part of a series of reforms that opponents claim endanger the human rights and freedoms of the Southeast Asian nation, Indonesia’s legislature unanimously approved a comprehensive criminal code on Tuesday that criminalizes sex outside of marriage. Cohabitation before marriage and apostasy are prohibited under the new law, which applies to international residents and visitors. It also imposes penalties for insulting the president or expressing opinions that are incompatible with the dominant ideology. A conservative movement Indonesia, the biggest Muslim-majority country in the world, has experienced a rise in religious conservatism recently. In some areas of the nation, such as

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  • Alzheimer’s Drug Lecanemab

    Alzheimer’s Drug Lecanemab

    Imagine having your personality change drastically and not being able to recognize why you’re so different. You look the same, and you talk to the same people, but for some reason, you feel unusual. Something about the way you think and feel is becoming unsettling and irritating. You seem to realize that nearly everything you think about is on the tip of your tongue. You feel like your mind is in chaos and your brain is scrambling to remember what happened. You realize that you’re starting to lose track of time, and you’re beginning to forget not only objects, places,

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  • Qatar 2022: An Unpredictable But Riveting World Cup

    Qatar 2022: An Unpredictable But Riveting World Cup

    As a goal is made, the team players all rush to one side of the stadium, hugging each other jubilantly. Fans roar into a loud cheer that echoes throughout the entire city of Doha, as moderators excitedly shout “Goal!” The World Cup is a large sporting event that takes place every 4 years on an even date, and its power is not to be underestimated. It has connected fans globally in both a patriotic and political scale, where countries can propel their nation to stardom and gain international fans. Plus, people from all over the world come over to celebrate

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  • Second Sight Medical

    Second Sight Medical

    Second Sight Medical was a biotechnology company focused on building prosthetics. They specialize in creating artificial prosthetics to treat degenerative vision diseases, and their Argus II retinal prosthesis has been implemented in over 350 real human subjects. However, as the company started losing profit and became vulnerable to bankruptcy, they began to eliminate these implants. Near the end of this year, Second Sight merged with biopharmaceutical company Nano Precision Medical and was renamed Vivani Medical. What is the Argus II implant? The Argus II retinal prosthesis is an implant that allows people with retinitis pigmentosa (a degenerative condition that targets

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