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New White House Office of Environmental Justice

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Just days after President Biden entered office, he created the White House Environmental Justice Interagency Council (IAC). Different committees contributing to the IAC are to meet on a regular basis to discuss the government’s commitment to environmental justice. The IAC replaced the Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice which was created in 1994 so that it can help the Executive office of the President to combat issues and put effort towards environmental justice.

Two weeks ago, President Biden approved an executive order together with Vice President Harris in a bid to help many across the globe who have been directly affected by the sudden environmental changes and are not able to cater for themselves. This executive order has complimented and built on a previous one established by President Bill Clinton over thirty years ago.

The Mission

Many across the USA have been challenged by pollution that has led to various diseases in the nation. Biden’s executive order attempts to eradicate such by working towards environmental justice to create a conducive environment for all classes of people to live in.

This new office is also set out to work with communities that have long been ignored whenever they give complaints about environmental issues. The President made a press statement and said that he cannot watch the storms, the fires and floods and not do anything about it. He said that he cannot imagine letting the working class people suffer in towns poisoned by pollution.

Next Projects

The White House has also set out to launch an Interagency Policy Committee in order to prioritize combating plastic pollution in order to be able to mitigate the situation in the nation and across the globe. The executive order is also emphasizing nation to nation talks for agreements to be made on how best to combat the global environmental issue at hand in the various countries. The IAC is to create techniques in which it will engage with different communities to listen and respond to their opinions whilst engaging them in decision making.

The Environmental Protection Agency has released the latest on the $27 billion Greenhouse Reduction Fund that will encourage clean energy projects and increase energy security.

The executive order will clearly hold the Biden Harris accountable for their promises and efforts towards environmental justice but as it is, there is much that has been done and far greater promise.

By: Lael Muchiri