Thinker's Chronicle

My Africa, My Future – Poetry

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It is we, children of Africa crying for our future
Longing for the education, we need to grow
Grow into the young men and women we 
Strive to be; but we see
Day by day our leaders
The ones who are meant to protect us
The ones who are meant to lead us into a better future 
Drag us behind
By their corrupt ways
Charging fees after embezzling resources they feel they are entitled to 
They say, soon!
But how soon is soon
How soon will it actually change?
The poverty, the standards of living of a certain people
When will the conflict and violence end ?
Will we ever get the smart cities you project on TV?
Or was that just a show for us to vote ?
Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t
But for sure the power handed to you
Got to your head 
And you destroy whatever you found in place 
And when it’s time to leave office
You don’t take the blame
Again and again
You say
There was no money for the construction of that road
The road that will lead to Ethiopia - to avoid the collapsing our economy
But in reality, 
Inclusive governance is what we need
Integrity from our leaders to know that what they get 
Is just enough
Enough for them to keep on working 
And help the larger community to thrive
But that ego got in their head,
Now it’s all about the money and the prestige that come with the title
But future Africa will not be build by this
Hear us, leaders to come
Have humanity at heart 
For that will open your eyes to see 
The hurt that has been subjected to us
The struggle civilians go through
And whatever they lack - aim to provide
It starts with you - the inclusive governance 
To provide the necessities people need 
And there will be peace
And we’d have started a positive cycle
That’ll help us grow together
Lael Muchiri