Thinker's Chronicle

Be Yourself

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Lael Muchiri
Of late I haven't been myself,
Continuously trying to be someone else.
But I'd rather stick to myself than be the best on the internet.
Because that life would mean that I'm not my true self.

Many people are overtook by what they see on their phones
Always swiping up and down, left to right
Trying to keep up the celebrities life
They don't look ahead to see what's next
And if they do, they say,"I wanna be like them."

But this stirs something inside their chest
They want to be like that someone else
So bad that they forget themselves 
That they lose themselves and somewhere along the way,
They get upset
Upset that they have to keep up with their new self
After all, they did start the mess, right?

Listen to me,
Don't compare yourself
Look above to the one who made you
Look straight ahead and achieve what you set out to do

Cause I promise you
The naysayers are there to intimidate you
So don't let it get to you
For they too compare 
But let me surprise you
They compare themselves to you
We are unique in our own way

My prayer is for you to appreciate,
And always be yourself.