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Governor of Bali’s Take on Ban Affecting Tourists

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The Governor of Bali, Indonesia, has recently reassured tourists that the new sex ban implemented across the island will not affect their vacations in any way. The ban prohibits all forms of extramarital and premarital sex for all residents, including foreigners. However, the Governor has emphasized that tourists will not be penalized for any perceived violations of the ban and that it will not be enforced in a heavy-handed manner.

Governor Wayan Koster has also clarified that the ban will not require any form of marital status check at Bali hotels and that tourists can continue to enjoy their vacations without any interruption. He has stated that the ban is not meant to target tourists and that they are welcome to continue enjoying their vacations as usual.

He stated that anyone who “visits or resides in Bali would not need to fear the implementation of the Indonesian Criminal Code.” 

According to other authorities, it attempted to protect “Indonesian values” in the largest Muslim-majority country in the world. The new regulation, however, was deemed “absolutely counter-productive” last week by Maulana Yusran, the deputy head of Indonesia’s tourist industry board, at a time when the economy and tourism were just beginning to recover from the pandemic.

Despite the initial concerns raised by tourists about the ban, Governor Koster has emphasized that it is not meant to be a form of punishment, but rather a legal regulation that applies to all residents, including tourists. He also highlighted that the ban will not affect tourists’ ability to enjoy their vacation, and that they will not be subjected to any form of marital status check.

Ananya Thirumalai
Ananya Thirumalai

“The important thing to remember is that tourists have choices. If they feel that the new criminal code provides reasons not to visit Indonesia, they can book to go elsewhere. This is not a luxury shared by local people affected by the new criminal code.”

Gary Bowerman, director of a Tourism Research Firm