Thinker's Chronicle

It’s a Pity — Poetry

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By: Sakshi Agashe

Photo Credit: Yannick Pulver
The names are easy to remember
It’s the stories that get lost
They try to escape the graves
Yet time is a brutal gatekeeper 
Mercilessly traps them where they are

Once in a while some escape
Carried by the wind far away
Only those that listen can hear
The melodious secrets which they part 
Like medicine to the numbing grief
Like a shade on a scorching day
Like a hug to lost souls
The stories are immortal in a way 
They last generations after the names 
Each give the names a body
Each a soul to the lifeless letters 
They have the power to revive
It’s a pity so few escape

With the help of searching souls
In search of memories long past 
Looking through diaries and letters 
Giving the stories a new breath
It's a pity so few last
Perhaps more searching souls would help
Perhaps preserving the stories would help
Perhaps seeking the true person beyond names would help.