Thinker's Chronicle

Flip Side of the Coin

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Stepped on, sat on, ignored, never revered,
On good days I’m forgotten, on bad ones I’m feared.
It seems a cruel trick to hate me the most, I say
When night creeps closer and my family comes out to play.

I see your families, undeserved cheer under the hateful sun.
So how can you scorn me when all I want is a moment of fun?
Yet even your children are born afraid of me
Squealing to their parents when I shift beneath a tree.

I’ve never complained being bound to your feet
Because one day I knew, you’d look back down at me.

My parents used to tell me about long long ago
When we came out under the sunlight, you know?
But you never liked us enjoying our share of light:
You said our darkness was better suited for night.

We retreated back under the cover of dusk’s gloom
Waiting until our time came to finally bloom.
And now here we are once more as history repeats again,
The other half of our soul seeing us as their loathsome stain.

But if there is one promise that I can make with any worth,
It is that your soul came tied to mine the day you came to earth.
You may think yourself superior at this day and time,
But the day I disappear forever, you will face your crimes.

You will enter my world, full of darkness and shade,
And all of the injustice we will make sure you’ve paid.
So be careful now and treat us with respect,
You never know what your shadow can collect.